My Three Priorities for Dover & Deal:

1) Let’s Get Brexit Done and Move Forward

2) Delivering Better Healthcare

3) More Jobs & Money

Honouring our Armed Forces, past and present

On Remembrance Sunday and then again on Armistice Day, pandemic or no pandemic, we rightly honoured those brave men and women who have paid the ultimate price for us and our country. I was honoured to lay a wreath at the Remembrance Service in Deal.

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Getting through the Second Lockdown Together

Since the Spring, when all of our lives changed so profoundly, I and my team have helped many thousands of constituents. We have supported many businesses in getting back on their feet, as well as many individuals who have lost their jobs, or face an

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Doing what is needed to save lives in the second wave

The Government’s new national lockdown started at one minute past midnight yesterday morning. Many in our area were hopeful that we would avoid more stringent measures. However, that is not to be. As the Prime Minister has made clear, it was an extremely difficult decision

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Building strong, resilient communities for the future

Water flooding into your home is always unpleasant. Filthy sewer water flooding into your home is especially upsetting. For residents of Albert Road in Deal, it is something that has occurred several times over the last seven years. That is totally unacceptable. That’s why I

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Community spirit makes us stronger together

Community spirit has always been one of the many strengths of our special corner of England. I have seen so many wonderful examples of help and support since the start of the pandemic – which has become the most serious national crisis we have faced

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Concerns over local bird cull

Concerns have been raised following a local bird cull in Dover & Deal. DEFRA decided to cull birds at a local farm after an outbreak of Avian Flu. However, concerns have been raised over the way in which the process was handled.


Preventing Sewage and Water Flooding

16.11.20 – House of Commons Question to the Minister for Housing Natalie Elphicke MP:For years, some water companies and Ofwat have failed to get a grip on repeated sewage and water flooding, including in the historic town of Deal. As a result, planning objections are


Coronavirus: Rule of 6

From 14th September 2020, you must not hold social gatherings with more than 6 people. The “rule of 6” applies in any setting, indoors or outdoors, at home or in the pub. More information can be found here.






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