Let’s get Brexit done and move forward

It is a great honour to have been elected to serve as your Member of Parliament. The strength of the result was the clearest possible direction from the people of Dover & Deal to get Brexit Done so we can move forward as a country.

And move on we need to do – to strengthen our economy, bring more of the jobs and the money we need to deliver better healthcare and the other public services on which we all rely.

Here in Dover & Deal, the district and county councils have a strong record of delivery – I will seek to work with our outstanding local councils so that together we can deliver even more.

Over the last decade, we have seen a transformation, as energy and ambition has grown in our community. We just need to look around us – from Deal seafront to the Dover Docks, to see the ambition that has led to the creation of more than 7,000 new jobs locally.

I will take forward our shared vision for a community with even more jobs and money, better healthcare, as well as stronger policing and borders. We need to see move investment in our roads and rail infrastructure as well as more good quality affordable housing in the right places and an education that sets our young people up for life.

We all know there is a big problem in mental healthcare provision – especially for children. I will do all I can to bring a renewed focus to make sure that improvements are made. It’s vital that young people in need are seen as swiftly as possible and entirely unacceptable that any young person should wait more than a year for treatment.

I will also dedicate myself and my service as your Member of Parliament to upholding the values of our White Cliffs. The values of decency, compassion, justice, kindness, hard work and fairness – of community and country, faith and friendship. These things matter. They make us the community that we are- and the country that we should be.

Finally I will always be there for those most in need. To ensure people get the healthcare treatment and housing help they need – including holding regular surgeries and community meetings. Anyone in need of help or assistance should email me at natalie.elphicke.mp@parliament.uk. I will work tirelessly for everyone – yet always put the most urgent cases at the top of the pile.

This week I have been in Westminster, hitting the ground running. There is a real job of work to do for our community – fighting for more jobs, better healthcare, increased investment – and, of course, to Get Brexit Done.




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