Let’s come together as we leave the EU

Natalie says it’s time to say how much we love the UK as we leave the EU on ‪31st January 2020 – and that the occasion should be marked by a fireworks display that can be seen from France.

Natalie was responding to a call by by Remain campaigners who want to hang a banner with the message “We still love the EU” off the White Cliffs.

Natalie says: “Our community voted overwhelmingly to leave Europe and reclaim our place as an independent nation in the world.

“This is a moment where we can look forward with ambition to the Britain we can build in the decades to come. A nation where we not only respect the democratic decisions of the British people – but work together to make ours a land of opportunity and prosperity, from which every corner of our country will benefit.

“That’s why the message we should be beaming onto the White Cliffs is that ”We love the UK”. Because we are proud to become an independent nation again. Britain is a land full of brilliant, creative and resourceful people that is open for business across the globe.”‬




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