Backing Dover as a Freeport

The Port of Dover should be one of the first to benefit from special customs rules, I told International Trade Secretary of State Liz Truss in a meeting recently.

A formal consultation on plans to establish up to 10 Freeports across the country was launched by Government yesterday.

The designated areas will have different customs rules to boost global trade, attract inward investment and increase productivity.

According to Government, the Freeports will be chosen in areas where they can be national hubs for global trade, promote regeneration and job creation, and fast-track innovation.

I have been making the case for Dover to build on its track record as one of the most successful and busiest ports in the world.

Brexit is about building a global Britain – one that makes the most of trade opportunities around the world as well as continuing a strong trade partnership with the EU.

In Dover we already have the best location for trade – and we are ideally located to make the most of Freeport tax benefits. Dover Freeport – perhaps even a development corporation – could be an economic powerhouse and a powerful job creator for our community.




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