75 new HMRC jobs in Dover

Seventy-five new jobs are set to come to Dover as part of major investment in HM Revenue and Customs’ office in Priory Court.

The agency is moving its Organised Crime and Mobile Enforcement team to its Dover site, adding to the Fraud Investigation and Risk Intelligence specialist teams already working there.

A major refurbishment is also due to take place to accommodate the number of full-time equivalent roles increasing from around 150 to 225.
This is great news for our area. We have been pressing for Dover to get greater investment – so it is at the heart of the drive to deliver modern, world-leading border and customs operations.

It’s also another sign of the jobs and money that are now coming to the area. Government figures show wages are rising here at twice the rate of the rest of the country.

We’ve had major schemes like St James, the Western docks and High Speed rail – and investment like this should ensure we keep going in the right direction.

HMRC has confirmed Dover will officially become a specialist site on April 1 2021. HMRC has made a commitment to a long-term presence in Dover, giving an opportunity to be co-located with Border Force and the National Crime Agency.




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