Battling to get families back from abroad

My team and I have been battling around the clock to get local Brits back from abroad amid the coronavirus pandemic. A number of local residents have now successfully made it back to Britain.

We are in daily contact with ministers and officials from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office pressing for more action to help stranded locals get back.

As flights were grounded around the world, constituents found themselves stuck in Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, India, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Austria and even a cruise ship steaming the Atlantic that has been denied access to dock in ports across South America.

I am in daily contact with Ministers and officials at the Foreign Office. We’ve been making real progress getting stranded Brits home I am pleased that a number of people have get home. Yet there are many still stuck abroad and we’re battling to get them all back.

This is a really worrying time for travellers and my team is working tirelessly around the clock to make sure we get everyone safely back.

It’s been a real eye-opener just how many people from our area travel all over the world. I have been making the case that we need to charter flights to bring people back where commercial flights are no longer feasible.

With borders slamming shut across the globe, anyone stuck overseas get in touch urgently with me and my team by emailing




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