Children to create colourful messages of support for NHS workers

I’m asking schoolchildren to create colourful messages of support for NHS workers on the frontline of the coronavirus outbreak. 

They will have their pictures of rainbows, superheroes and other messages of support sent to local NHS staff and every child who takes part will receive a special certificate. 

We have always cherished our National Health Service in this country. Yet quite rightly we are paying special tributes at the moment as brave doctors and nurses up and down the land put themselves in harm’s way to look after us all. 

At such a difficult time I thought it might be nice if they could see just how valued they are to us all – not to mention giving parents something to keep them occupied! 

Parents should send a photo of their child’s artwork, ideally of them holding it or of it on display, in an email to with the subject line “Love our NHS”.  

Please supply your child’s name, age and an address for the certificate to be sent to.




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