Businesses come together to set up PPE supply service

Local businesses have got together to set up and manage a PPE supply service for East Kent, backed by myself and the Dover and East Kent Chambers of Commerce. 

The service will receive requests from those who need the equipment, seeking to match them with suppliers, as well as arrange transport and delivery where needed. 

Doctors, nurses, care workers and others on the front line across East Kent are putting themselves in harm’s way to look after us all. We need to do our bit to support them – to make sure they have the PPE they need to be safe.  

That’s why I am so pleased to support local businessman Neil Wiggins and the East Kent Chamber of Commerce on this vital initiative to help find and supply the PPE our frontline workers need.  

Whether it is Super Neighbours or Super Businesses, it’s inspiring how our community has such strength and how we always rally round to be there for each other. 

The contact point for the service is and people should use a single subject line depending on which element of the supply chain they are corresponding from. 

For organisations which need PPE use only ‘PPE Requirement’ in the subject line. They should be sent in the late afternoon, preferably after 5pm so that they can be matched overnight with potential suppliers. 

For organisations which have PPE availability or which can manufacture to the required specs use only ‘PPE  Supplier’ in the subject line. They can be sent to at any time, but will only matched with demand side organisations overnight on the day received. 

For Transport/Distribution organisations use only ‘PPE Transport’ in the subject line. These messages can be sent to between 7am and 11am and should indicate available tip and pick slots for the next 24/48 hours. Any slot requirements will be notified daily between 7 and 9am. 

For volunteers who wish to support the service use only ‘PPE Volunteer’ in the subject line when emailing   




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