Super Neighbours scheme extended for frontline emergency workers

The Super Neighbours scheme set up to help people shielding during the coronavirus outbreak has been extended to cover frontline emergency workers with “Super Shoppers”.  

Dover District Council leader Cllr Trevor Bartlett and I set up the original project which paired vulnerable people with volunteers so that food and medicine could be delivered. 

Dozens of Super Neighbours signed up to help the elderly and the vulnerable in the district, co-ordinated by community volunteer Beverley-Jayne Last. 

Mrs Last said the scheme is now being extended to help emergency workers, who she said are working long shifts in hot weather wearing personal protective equipment. 

By the end of the shift they are exhausted and want to go home for a well-earned cup of tea, she said, rather than stand in a supermarket queue. 

I have been so proud of the way our community has swung into action with everyone trying to help each other out. Our emergency workers have done an incredible job and they need our continued support. Super Neighbours can be super shoppers for the emergency workers on who we all rely. 




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