Extended opportunity for consultation on Border Facility proposals

During extensive discussions with Ministers at the Department for Transport, I have continued to highlight the importance of local engagement regarding the proposed Border Facility development at the White Cliffs site.

Rachel Maclean, Minister at the Department for Transport, has confirmed that the engagement period has been extended until 10th February to allow residents more time to provide feedback on the proposals and additional information has been provided by the Department for residents to consider.

I welcome the extension of the engagement period, which signifies the Department’s continuing commitment to ensuring that the views and concerns of local residents are properly considered.

The longer engagement period will also allow residents to take into consideration more detail that has been provided about the proposed route of the Dover Fastrack to access the site, as well as details related to traffic management and HGV capacity.

I will continue to emphasise the importance of residents’ views on these proposals and I have been assured that the Department for Transport is taking the community engagement process very seriously.




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