New protection for Goodwin Sands shipwreck

A mystery 19th Century shipwreck at the Goodwin Sands in Kent has been granted protection by the Government on the advice of Historic England.

The GAD23 mystery wreck – a near complete wooden cargo vessel lying off the Goodwin Sands – has been protected by scheduling, meaning that its contents are protected by law.

Historic England identified the unnamed sailing ship as an important aspect of the story of England’s industrial history.

I welcome the news that the GAD23 shipwreck has been granted protection by the Government. This an example of the rich historic as well as environmental marine context that the Goodwin Sands represents and will provide an interesting insight into our industrial and shipping history.

Goodwin Sands SOS has put in a huge amount of valuable work in raising awareness about the Sands, our maritime history and wider marine life.

I will continue to press for greater protection of special ‘blue belt’ marine habitats like the Goodwin Sands, with its historic and environmental significance.




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