Local hospital improvements

I am glad to hear that improvements have been made by the East Kent Hospital Trust on controlling Covid and other infections.

The Trust is reported to have made strides in a recent report from the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC found that the Trust had appropriate leadership and systems in place including “processes to identify and treat people with infections and reduce the risk of spreading infections.” While the CQC noted that there were still areas of improvement needed, they described their report as “very positive”.

The CQC’s report follows my request to review Covid infection control at East Kent Hospitals after concerns were raised with me by patients.

It’s good news that improvements are being made in East Kent Hospitals. The news that Covid and other infections are being better controlled is very welcome and I hope will provide reassurance to people who are attending our local hospitals for medical treatment.

I will continue to campaign for healthcare improvements in the East Kent Hospitals, along with more services being provided in our local hospitals in Dover and in Deal.




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