Supporting local fishermen

I have been pressing Port chiefs to allow local fishermen to continue to fish at Dover’s Admiralty Pier. My intervention follows reports that fishing will no longer be allowed from the historic pier.

I am asking port chiefs to consider a scheme that will enable anglers from the local community to continue fishing from the much-loved spot.

There are reports that the Harbour Board is seeking to ban all fishing from Admiralty Pier. The Port’s move has been made on the basis of security concerns at the cruise terminal. Following urgent conversations with Dover Harbour Board, I am pleased that they have agreed to review the situation and consider whether anglers from the local community can continue to fish from the Pier.

This is a much loved fishing spot enjoyed through generations and decades of Dovorians. I very much hope that a sensible approach to balance security concerns and local access to fish can be reached so that local fishing can resume.




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