Plastic pollution letters

School children from Charlton Church of England Primary School and Kingsdown and Ringwould Church of England Primary School recently wrote letters to me about plastic pollution affecting the environment and animals.

The letters not only covered the effect that plastic pollution has on the world, but also how littering in Dover and Deal can be solved. I have responded to all the students individually, congratulating them on their knowledge of the environment and informing them on the next steps that the Government will take to combat plastic pollution.

It is encouraging to see the next generation taking such an interest in the important issues facing our planet. The letters the students wrote to me were well-written and detailed, even giving suggestions on how to stop plastic pollution.

In addition to taking an interest in such important issues, school children in our community are also concerned about rubbish in our local area.

I was delighted to receive their letters and have the opportunity to respond to the issues the students raised with me.




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