Largest DFDS ferry in Dover

The largest ferry on the channel – the Côte d’Opale – has now arrived. The trials of the vessel were carried out in Dover and will replace the Calais Seaways on the Dover to Calais route.

The design of the ferry is highly efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition to the vessel having only two engines instead of four, the reduction of fuel consumption is expected to be 25% in comparison to the current fleet.

Good Luck and Bonne Chance to the beautiful new addition to the DFDS Channel ferry fleet – the Cote d’Opale.

Costing over £100million to build, this is a huge investment by DFDS in the Dover-Calais route. A tremendous vote of confidence and commitment to the future of Dover. Reducing carbon emissions, increasing comfort and capacity across the Channel.

Wishing DFDS and the Cote d’Opale crew every success.




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