Dover Street Pastors 10th Anniversary

Recently, I hailed the vital work of the Dover Street Pastors at their 10th Anniversary event. 

The packed event, at One Church Dover and attended by over 100 people, was also joined by Rev Les Isaac OBE, the National founder of Street Pastors. 

The Dover Street Pastors charity organises Christian volunteers to patrol the streets of Dover on Friday and Saturday nights. Stopping and chatting to people they meet – they care for anyone who finds themselves in difficulty on the night-time streets of Dover.

It was great to join the 10th anniversary of the Dover Street Pastors. Having been out with them, I have seen first-hand the vital work they do helping keep people safe on our streets.  Keeping an eye out for youngsters out on the town, as well as those sleeping in shelters and on the street.

A big thank you to all the volunteers for the support they offer to people in need of help. The Dover Street Pastors are now looking for new recruits. I would strongly encourage anyone feeling inspired to help them with their vital work to get in touch with them to find out more.  They have good fun – and do a lot of good too.




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