Calling for ‘turn up and drop’ rubbish dumps

I have been calling for the return of ‘turn up and drop’ rubbish dumps. Since the early days of the pandemic, waste and recycling centres across Kent can only be visited with an advance booking.

This has made it harder for busy people to drop off household rubbish. In addition, there has been a reported spike in fly tipping across Kent after the change was made.

The spike in fly tipping across Kent and in our local area is a major concern to many local residents. People lead incredibly busy lives and need to be able to recycle and get rid of rubbish quickly and easily when they have time. The booking system was said to be brought in for public health reasons at the height of the pandemic. Now we have moved forward with the virus, that’s no longer necessary and services should be fully restored for the ease and benefit of local residents. 

That’s why it is time to return to a ‘turn up and drop’ system so we can make life easier for people wanting to recycle and to help end the scourge of fly tipping on fields, in woods or on the side of the road. 

It’s a trip to the local rubbish dump, not going to see a top consultant at the hospital. Why make everyone book in just to get rid of their grass cuttings or responsibly recycle their cardboard boxes? Let’s make it part and parcel of our local activities again, like popping to the shops.

I encourage all concerned residents to take part in the Kent County Council consultation which ends today and make their views heard.




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