Calling on residents to join the fight for road upgrades

I am calling for residents to join me in the fight for much needed local road upgrades on the A2 dualling and the Whitfield and Duke of York roundabouts.

Last year I secured a place for the A2 upgrade in the current national road improvement programme. Now I am asking residents to join the fight to make sure that the road is delivered. 

The Government are asking for everyone to have their say as they put together their plans for England’s strategic roads between 2025 and 2030. It’s essential that our local area records all the impact and congestion on our local road network.

Residents and businesses can easily take part and have their say online. The consultation is open until the end of November. The link is:

We have all long been campaigning for investment to see the A2 dualling and I was pleased to secure a place on the current road improvement programme for it. Throughout the pandemic I have been having regular project meetings with the national team and ministers on it. This is a vital programme for the continued growth of our area. As well as sorting out congestion at the Whitfield and Duke of York roundabouts which are in urgent need of improvement. 

We can see these things happen – but only if we all keep fighting for it. That’s why it’s so important that everyone gets online to send a clear message to the Government that we need to see these vital road upgrades built. 

We’ve made so much progress with the A2 dualling being included in the list of the Government’s major schemes to be developed in last year’s budget. Now we all need to keep up the pressure and ensure our voices are heard. So please go online and do your bit to help get the road upgrades we’ve so long needed.

The consultation works so that every time you experience congestion and delays, please go online and book it in. That way we can make sure that Highways England know the impact of the current road system on us every day, and why we need the A2 upgrade.




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