Calling time on threatening behaviour

I am calling for zero tolerance of threatening and abusive behaviour to public service workers, including MPs.

I have previously condemned extremists who attacked my constituency office causing my staff fear.

Too often some people subject public sector workers, including Members of Parliament, to abuse and insults, as well as threats of personal and physical violence. That includes people working on our local trains, in our shops and at Doctor’s surgeries. This threatening and abusive behaviour is taking place in person, over the phone, on email and by cowards hiding behind the anonymity of social media. Hardly a day seems to pass when I don’t get a threat of physical violence, including death threats, and stomach churning vile abuse.

Last week’s shocking attack on Sir David Amess must be a final wake up call that it’s got to stop. It’s now time for this issue to be dealt with fully and properly. Whatever, the public facing role is, people should be able to work in safety. Personal attacks of any kind are simply not acceptable.




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