Demanding maternity service improvements

Recently I demanded improvements in East Kent Hospitals maternity services following the publication of a damning report.

I wrote to hospital bosses to understand why new failings have emerged. Key improvements to maternity services had been put in place following previous failings by the Trust. I have been working with health ministers to send in a team of national experts to put things right.

This damning report highlights continuing problems with maternity services at our local hospitals. It is particularly shocking that women were transferred between hospitals in mid labour.

I am very concerned that our hospitals should have had unsafe levels of maternity staffing and that staff did not feel able to raise their concerns without fear. All the more so given that the Government last year sent in a top team to sort out standards in our maternity services and that there is currently ongoing an inquiry into avoidable baby deaths being carried out by Dr Bill Kirkup.
The suspension of home-birth services is a concern. Some mothers want to give birth at home and they should be provided with safe and proper support if so.

I am seeking to meet hospital bosses in order to understand how improvements will be made to ensure maternity services get fully back on track.




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