UK Parliament Week: An opportunity to celebrate democracy 

I am inviting everyone in Dover and Deal to celebrate democracy and get involved in UK Parliament Week.

Parliament Week is an annual event taking place from 1-7 November that engages people from across the UK with Parliament, explores the democratic process and encourages everyone to get involved. People can apply for Parliament Week here: UK Parliament Week.

This year the focus is how small actions can lead to big changes, encouraging participants to get informed, take action and make an impact on issues they care about. Community groups, local organisations and schools in hundreds of different areas across the United Kingdom have already signed up to take part in Parliament Week.

Up and down the land MPs work incredibly hard for the communities and people they represent.

I hope everyone will get involved in backing our thriving democracy. We all have our part to play and I look forward to seeing how organisations and local groups in Dover and Deal join in, especially the next generation of voters in our schools.

It’s so important to ensure we all have a say in our democratic process, give cross party support to the work of MPs and help get more people active in our local communities.




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