Welcoming extra social care Funding

I was delighted to welcome over £4 million of extra funding for social care in Kent. The money will help strengthen the adult social care workforce this winter.

The pandemic has been a tough time for care homes and relatives worried about their loved ones. The new money should help to provide extra staff, so care homes are able to provide top quality care to residents. 

Kent has received one of the highest allocations of the Adult Social Care Workforce Recruitment and Retention Fund. This new money comes on top of the additional £388 million infection control funding that was announced for adult social care in September. 

The pandemic has been such a tough time for care homes, residents and relatives worried about their loved ones. There are a number of dedicated care homes locally and I hope this extra funding will help them provide top quality care for their residents.

This new funding will make a real difference. It’s great that Kent has received such a strong allocation – helping to ensure the most vulnerable in our community receive top quality care this Winter.




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