Celebrating menopause changes with Davina McCall

I joined forces with celebrity and menopause campaigner Davina McCall to back improvements in support for women experiencing menopause.

After the Parliamentary debate which I attended, women look set to get cheaper and easier access to hormone replacement therapy – only having to pay one charge for up to a 12-month supply of HRT, saving up to £205 per year as a result.

Myself and Davina McCall, who heads the ‘menopause revolution’ campaign, celebrated the improvements together in Parliament after the debate.

HRT transforms the lives of women going through the menopause. Making it cheaper and easier to get HRT is a revolutionary step forward for women’s health.

I was delighted to celebrate the progress of the menopause revolution with Davina McCall. It’s so important to ensure there is proper support for women at every stage of their lives.




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