Boosting the Christmas spirit 

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s a time for families and friends to get together and celebrate. We couldn’t really do that properly last year. So make sure celebrations are as safe as they can be this Christmas, and protect you and your loved ones by being fully jabbed and boosted too.

The virus has not gone away. We’ve proven to be resilient, a leader in the world’s vaccine rollout. It’s meant we have seen life go back to almost normal. Businesses have re-opened. We’re able to meet our friends and travel about once again. A huge thanks to the key health workers organising and giving the vaccinations. As well as those who have been jabbed to make sure that we are all protected.

But it’s clear we must remain vigilant. Cases reported locally are going up. The latest Omicron variant discovered in South Africa highlights how the virus can quickly change. Thankfully the jabs seem effective against this latest variant – but it does highlight how vital it is everyone continues to get their Covid jabs and makes sure they have their booster as soon as possible.

Anyone aged 40 or over and those over 16 with certain health conditions can get a booster jab. Notifications are sent out by the NHS when it’s time to get your jab. So you’ll know when it’s time to go and get your own booster jab. You can book your booster jab online  here you can simply go to a walk in centre. If you still have not had your first two jabs and are eligible, please book soonest here and help do your bit to control the virus.

There are three local vaccination centres. These are: Whitfield Village Hall, the Clockwork Pharmacy in Deal and the Dover Health Centre.

The local vaccination effort has been amazing. I would personally like to thank all the doctors, nurses and volunteers in our area for keeping us protected against the virus. Especially Dr Julian Mead, nurse Le-Anne Laing and volunteer Brian Dunne who I met recently at the Whitfield Village Hall vaccination site, as well as Dr Tuan Nguyen and Superintendent Pharmacists, Jitandra Kanjee and Prashant Patel, who have all played a central role in our local vaccine rollout.

I would also like to thank everyone in our area who has been getting vaccinated. We all have a big part to play in beating this virus.

Do make sure you get your booster jab this Christmas. That way, you can enjoy spending time with friends and family without having to worry so much about the virus. It will make all the difference as we gather round the tree or enjoy a hearty Christmas lunch. Last year Christmas was constrained, a time of worry. This year let’s be thankful for all we have and stay protected and safe. 




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