Backing vital medicine for constituent Teagan Appleby 

Recently I backed my constituent Teagan Appleby on getting vital medicine. I spoke up in Parliament in support of Teagan getting the medical cannabis she needs to control the epileptic fits she suffers from. 

I was speaking in a Parliamentary debate about changes needed so children like Teagan can access medical cannabis treatment through the NHS. Currently Teagan’s treatment is legal but cannot be accessed through NHS prescription. As a result, Teagan’s mum Emma must fundraise to get Teagan the medical treatment she needs.

I explained how Teagan was one of the first surgery cases I had following my election in 2019. I have been pressing the NHS to prescribe Teagan the medicine, but without success – as a result I am backing the new measures so that Teagan and fellow sufferers can get the vital medicine they need. 

I was also pleased to have met with Teagan’s mum Emma at the weekend in their home in Aylesham to discuss the difficulties that Teagan faces and the importance of getting medical cannabis prescribed through the NHS.

In the House of Commons debate, I said:

“Teagan’s case was one of the first constituency surgery cases I worked on after being elected in December 2019 . . . Teagan Appleby needs medical cannabis to improve her serious health condition. Without it, she suffers from fits. With it, she is so much better. That is why I support the prescription of medical cannabis on the NHS for little Teagan and the other children who clearly need it. 

“I pay tribute Teagan’s mum, Emma, who has been a tireless and energetic campaigner on behalf of her daughter to get the medical treatment that she needs.”




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