Welcoming Navy deployment to the Channel

I have welcomed news that the Royal Navy will be deployed to tackle the migrant crisis. With over 28,300 migrants arriving by small boats last year, it’s time to bring the crisis to an end.

Everyone knows the Royal Navy rules the waves. This sends a clear message how serious Britain is about putting a stop to the small boat crossings.

It’s necessary because it’s dangerous and inhumane to allow the trafficking of people across the English Channel to continue. It is incredibly unsafe and many people have tragically died. More lives are put at risk every single day it continues. The right, compassionate thing to do is to keep people safe on land, in France.

There are safe and legal routes for family reunion, there are safe and legal routes to apply to work in the UK and there are safe and legal routes to apply for asylum. Britain is one of the leading countries in terms of those resettlement programmes across the globe. That’s the right way to help people who are the most vulnerable and in need.




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