Hailing lifting of Covid restrictions

I have welcomed the Prime Minister’s decision to lift most COVID restrictions. The Omicron variant is now believed to have peaked nationally, thanks to the Government’s booster campaign. 

Plan B restrictions will be lifted from the 27th January. This means people can now return to their workplaces and most COVID restrictions will now come to an end. 

The World Health Organisation says it looks like the beginning of the end for the pandemic in the UK. This means the UK looks set to be one of the first nations finally to emerge from the pandemic.

It’s great news that COVID restrictions are being lifted. The pandemic has been a tough time for us all, with so many tragically losing loved ones. Yet thanks to emergency workers and volunteers and the resolve of the British people it looks like we have turned a corner and life may start to return towards normality.

Of course, we all know that new variants can appear without warning. So we can’t take anything for granted. We must remain vigilant for any new variants. But there is no doubt that things are very encouraging, and it is pretty incredible that the UK looks set to be the one of the first nations to finally emerge from the pandemic.




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