I stand with Ukraine – and make call for Ukrainian community refugee scheme

Recently I condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and signed the book of solidarity with Ukraine in Parliament.

The Government has pledged to make sanctuary available in the UK to at least 200,000 Ukrainian refugees with family members, and has pledged further support to those without family connections in the UK. I am calling for a scheme to be set up so that anyone who has a room can register and be matched with Ukrainians fleeing the invasion. I am also asking anyone who would like to take part in such a scheme to get in touch with my office.

I would like to congratulate Conservative Councillor Mark Rose who has already stepped up to say he wants to do his bit. 

I condemn Putin’s illegal invasion. I’m proud of the Government’s leadership of the West in backing brave Ukraine. The scenes we have all seen on our TV screens are heart breaking – it is vital we are all able to do our bit. It’s right we’ve seen really tough sanctions imposed on Russia and Russian oligarchs – and that we give military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We have a proud record of supporting refugees. From World War II to the more recent Afghan airlift, we have stepped up to care for people in genuine need who are displaced by conflict and fleeing for their lives.

I’m proud we have committed to make sanctuary available to at least 200,000 Ukrainian refugees. There are a lot of women and children who will need our help. This is the biggest refugee crisis since World War II – which is why I am calling on Government Ministers to introduce a scheme where anyone who has room can provide refuge and other support to Ukrainians fleeing the invasion. Please do get in contact with me if you can help. There is more information on my website https://natalieelphicke.com/stand-with-ukraine/

Cllr Mark Rose said:

“I have already offered rooms to do my bit to help Ukrainian refugee families. I am backing our MP’s call for a community refugee scheme to be set up as soon as possible. I hope other people will follow suit and make Ukrainian’s fleeing the war welcome and supported across our whole community.”




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