Backing Deal and Worth in Boundary Commission changes

Last week I backed plans to change the name of the constituency to officially include the town of Deal.

Currently the constituency is officially known as “Dover”, not “Dover & Deal”. Under Parliamentary constituency changes that are currently under consideration, the constituency name is proposed to change from “Dover” to “Dover & Deal”.

On Friday, I gave evidence to the Parliamentary Boundary Commissioners giving backing to the proposals citing how busy and vibrant the town of Deal is.

I also told the commissioners that the town of Deal should be included in the constituency name as Dover as Deal, with Deal’s neighbouring villages, have similar-sized populations. I added that Deal has its own clear and distinct identity. It was therefore right for Deal to be recognised in its own right and included in the constituency name.

I also supported proposals for the constituency to be aligned with the Eastry Rural council ward boundary, which would bring the village of Worth into the Dover & Deal constituency.

I told the Boundary Commission evidence panel:

“While I refer to my constituency as “Dover & Deal”, the seat’s formal current name is Dover. The Commissioner’s proposals are for a name change from Dover to Dover and Deal. This is a change which my party has called for in the past. I welcome the Boundary Commission’s recognition of Deal as well as Dover in the title.”

“In recent periods, the overall seat has really taken shape as Dover and Deal. Dover is internationally known and recognised, not least because of the Port and the White Cliffs. However, Deal is also a busy and vibrant town, with a busy and bustling high street and a clear and distinct identity from Dover.

“Deal and the immediately surrounding villages that look to it, make up similar populations to Dover town. As such, it is absolutely right and appropriate that Deal should be recognised in its own right and included in the overall name of the constituency.”




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