Slamming P&O traffic chaos

This weekend sees chaos on Kent roads, and near gridlock in Dover.

Recently at PMQs I warned about traffic disruption to Kent roads following P&Os mass sackings. P&O Ferries are still not operating out of Dover, following failed safety checks with its new crews.

The traffic disruption caused by P&O’s actions is very serious. Coupled with adverse weather conditions and the Easter get-away traffic the situation has become severe. This can be expected to continue for the next few days.

I am pressing the Kent Resilience Forum to Keep Dover Clear with active roads management while the situation continues. The problems have caused an unacceptable impact on our community, particularly at Whitfield, Aycliffe, Capel-Le-Ferne and in Dover town itself.

The traffic gridlock again underlines the need for urgent upgrades to the Whitfield roundabout and A2, as well as disbanding the Dover TAP which is unfair on residents of Aycliffe. There needs to be stronger road resilience and capacity for traffic management across the Dover area.

It is a credit to our Port and related businesses that they are so successful, but the adverse impact on the community when things go wrong needs to be addressed too.




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