Welcoming anti fly-tipping grant to Dover

I welcomed the Government’s funding to Dover District Council of nearly £40,000 to help crack down on fly-tipping in the Dover area.

The grant is part of the Government’s fresh move to counter the increase in fly-tipping since the beginning of the pandemic.

While many people are very good about taking home their litter, others are not and it is an eyesore on too many of our local roads and woodland areas.

Speaking to our local farmers, they have noticed an increase in fly-tipping. There is also always a big clean up to do after any serious traffic disruption.

Ours is a lovely area and we want other people to look after it as we do. This Government grant to Dover District Council will ensure that people are made more aware of the reasons not to fly-tip and the consequences of doing so, including new enforcement cameras. This will be alongside a broader campaign to highlight the importance of protecting our beautiful countryside and coast from damaging waste.




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