Rolling up my sleeves with champion boxer Amir Khan to help Ukrainian Orphans

Last week I visited Poland with fellow MPs to see how Poland has responded to the Ukrainian crisis. While there, I worked with the AK Foundation, rolling up my sleeves alongside its founder the world champion boxer Amir Khan, to build an outdoor playground for refugee orphans.

Since the war began just 6 weeks ago, Poland has taken in over two million refugees. I travelled as part of a Parliamentary delegation to see how Poland has been responding. I met with Ukrainian refugees, aid agencies, Polish officials and politicians.

Me and Amir Khan helped support a Polish refugee home for Ukrainian orphans. Together we built a new outdoor fitness playground and trampoline at the orphanage which has been set up in a holiday home park.

Helping to build the outdoor playground for refugee orphans with Amir Khan was such an amazing experience.  

It was incredible to see how well Poland has responded to over two million refugees arriving in just six weeks. The quality of accommodation, food and care that Poland has been providing to the refugees is exceptional.

I also met with a number of Polish officials and politicians. What was clear from these discussions is that the situation in Ukraine is seen as a grave danger to Poland’s own security as well as that of Ukraine.

Our countries, the United Kingdom and Poland, are so united in our determination to help Ukraine win the war. Together, we stand with Ukraine in providing the money, weapons and hospitality they need to face down the Russian aggression.




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