Promoting Port of Dover in Parliamentary role

I am pleased to have been re-elected as Vice Chairman of the Maritime and Ports All Party Parliamentary Group. This role will give me opportunities to promote the Port of Dover as on of the greatest assets to our national economy.

The Port of Dover is one of the greatest assets to our national economy. It is not only the Gateway to England, it is also the fastest, most efficient way to import and export goods to and from Europe. It’s easy to forget after the embarrassing mess that P&O / Dubai World have made of things. That’s why with this role, I plan to remind everyone of our unanswerable case for more investment and for Dover to continue to be recognised as the national vital asset it is.

What’s more, planned changes to see lorries powered by green fuels like hydrogen and new modern clean ferries are set to make Dover one of the most environmentally friendly and cleanest ports in the UK in the years to come.

Trade through other ports can be so slow and cumbersome. Container ships can be polluting and take ages to arrive and unload. They also take up land for storage, when land is a finite national resource. In my parliamentary role I will be underlining the need for speed and why Roll on-Roll off is the best for our economy and environment alike.




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