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Over the last two years there have been significant changes affecting our lives both in our community and nationally. We are dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These events have come together to challenge our national economy and our costs of living. Our area is also on the front line for border-related matters. Alongside supporting jobs and growth, I work very hard on the Keep Dover Clear roads management and upgrade programme, making our community case for action and investment.  

As well as representing our area’s needs and interests in Parliament, I have a strong team in my office who work hard alongside me to ensure that residents in need of help get assistance as quickly as possible. 

A very rewarding part of being a Member of Parliament is helping with individual surgery cases. My regular surgery cases cover everything from housing to accessing local healthcare, speeding up passport and driving licence applications, as well as financial issues including pensions and child maintenance payments. Individual cases raised with me are very wide-ranging. I and my team will always do our very best to help. We know how much it matters – whether it’s urgent mental health support or a young mother who is about to be made homeless.  

Some of these cases, particularly if they are complex or financial, can take many months, even years to resolve. My Walmer office is easy to get in touch with by email, phone or letter. We help hundreds of people across the constituency – so if you need help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, my office is helping sponsors with the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme. My team regularly meet face to face with the Home Office to escalate urgent cases. We have been directly supporting 40 refugees in this way. In many cases, we have been able to get refugees to their sponsors in our community swiftly and safely.  

Many local people contact me about political and policy matters. We receive hundreds of such emails every week. In our area, the small boat crossings, animal welfare and environmental issues are the most popular topics that people email me about, together with the road network and litter. While urgent cases always come first, I try to respond to as many policy emails as I can as well. More information about my work for our area can always be found from my regular newsletter, website, Twitter and Facebook. 

I and my team continue to work tirelessly to put the residents of Dover and Deal first. I will continue to work hard to ensure our area is fully supported in these everchanging times, so our area can continue to grow from strength to strength. 




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