Meeting with Chamber Chief Executive David Foley

On Friday, 17th June 2022, as Dover District Chamber of Commerce President I welcomed Chamber Chief Executive David Foley to a meeting at the House of Commons. Discussions included many issues relating to the best interests of residents, workers and companies in the Dover and Deal area as well as matters of national importance.

I very much welcome these meetings with the Dover District Chamber of Commerce and take careful note of all the issues raised. It is vital that elected representatives hear the voice of companies of all sizes and address their concerns. Our public services are dependent on the success of our wealth creators and I am always keen to support ambitious companies looking to promote sustainable growth in our East Kent coastal business community.

David Foley said: “I am hugely grateful to our Chamber President for spending nearly three hours listening to the concerns and issues of Chamber members. If politics is indeed “the art of the possible”, it is comforting indeed to know that we are so well represented at the top table.”




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