Excellent news on the Goodwin Sands!

Excellent news on the Goodwin Sands! After a long campaign the Port of Dover has confirmed that it will NOT be taking forward dredging in the Goodwin Sands. Having supported Jo, Fiona and the team with the Goodwin Sands campaign for a long time, it is brilliant to see this outcome today.

It’s further good news that the Port will continue with its programme of development, jobs and investment at Dover, through sourcing commercial aggregate.

I remain fully behind the Port and its excellent ambitions for development, but I have also held concerns about the proposed dredging of the Goodwin Sands. I am delighted that the Port of Dover has listened to those who held concerns within our community and has been active in finding a way forward that works to both promote and secure jobs and investment, while also respecting and preserving the special marine environment and habitat of the Goodwin Sands.

It is an excellent outcome and I pay tribute to the work of the Port of Dover in finding the solution and to Goodwin Sands SOS team for their incredible hard work and campaign.





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