Visiting Openreach engineers

Last week, I visited Openreach engineers in Deal to witness first-hand the innovative engineering techniques being used to deliver ultrafast Full Fibre broadband across Dover & Deal. 

I was given a tour of the work, which has already reached more than three-quarters of all homes and businesses in the exchange area, as well as hundreds of thousands more in other locations across Kent. 

Joining me on the visit was Walmer Councillor Chris Vinson. 

Deal was included in Openreach’s full fibre build in January 2020. Since then, engineers have been working to install the new broadband infrastructure and will continue throughout 2023. 

The Openreach team was able to explain how the build in urban areas is happening alongside rural and coastal work. 

I also visited the local exchange to look at where the Openreach network starts and learned more about fibreoptics and how Full Fibre is future-proofing connections for decades to come. 

It’s great news that three-quarters of Deal now has ultrafast, Full Fibre broadband.  This broadband upgrade is providing our community with faster and more reliable internet, supporting businesses and residents across our area. 

It was good to meet local engineers installing this new equipment in Deal – and to try my hand at splicing fibre optic cable too.  The whole Openreach team is doing a fantastic job for Deal and Walmer. 




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