Getting in touch

Natalie and her team are on hand to help you with:

Casework enquiries concerning problems you are having with any part of Government, local or national. You can send these in by email, post or call to discuss.

Information and Signposting. This website contains lots of news, information and advice, including where to get help with the rising costs of living.

Policy and Campaigns. Natalie also gets lots of campaign emails. While we will always endeavour to answer these, people in need of help and constituency casework will always come first.

Natalie and her team are always happy to help you as best we can. It’s really easy to get in touch:

·       Telephone: 01304 379669

·       Post: Natalie Elphicke MP,  54 The Strand, Walmer, Deal, Kent CT14 7DP

·       Email:

In addition to her regular surgeries and community meetings, Natalie has recently put together an online cost of living help hub so everyone can quickly find where to get help with rising prices, the challenges of the costs of living and other financial issues. Just click on the “Cost of Living Help Hub” link above. The online hub also includes specialist financial advisory organisations, because Natalie cannot provide individual financial or legal advice.

Important information about your communication to Natalie Elphicke MP

There is a strict parliament rule that Members of Parliament can only deal with matters relating to their, and not someone else’s constituent. So that your email is not delayed, please do make sure you have included your name and full address and re-send if not.

As your MP, my office runs on a Casework First approach. This means that we prioritise all casework related emails, according to their urgency. Casework is an individual, family, or specific constituency issue rather than a policy, political, or campaign matter.

If your communication is of another type other than casework, such as a policy, campaign or a political matter, there may be some delay. All such emails are logged and recorded. We will endeavour to respond as time and resources permit.

Inappropriate communications

We reserve the right to take appropriate steps, including declining to respond to communications, or removing or blocking posts, whether on social media, email, verbally or by letter that in our view:

  • contain abusive, obscene, indecent or offensive language, or link to obscene or offensive material
  • contain swear words or other sorts of profanity
  • constitute spam
  • are likely to be deliberately designed to be sent solely to cause a nuisance for the recipient, including:
    • the use of multiple emails from the same sender but from different email accounts
    • the sending of an excessive number of emails from the same sender that are not casework related
    • repeated requests for information to be provided on an individualised basis that is of its nature general and readily available from other published sources.

You can read my privacy notice here:


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